2011 ClearAdmit Application Results (2012 Entry Class)

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2011 ClearAdmit Application Results (2012 Entry Class)

文章kchen95 » 2012-04-05 16:46

Dear Taiwan applicants,

It has been my pleasure to work with so many of you on your MBA applications this past season. This was a tremendously successful season for Clear Admit clients throughout the world, including Taiwan, with record number of acceptances to top-20 schools (16 acceptances to Stanford, 32 to Harvard and 42 to Wharton so far in the first two rounds). While I feel joy and pride in my clients’ achievements, I value the friendships that we have formed even more, and I look forward to continuing to improve Clear Admit’s services to Taiwan clients in the years to come.

I am sorry that I personally have been absent from FormosaMBA for so long, as I needed to dedicate all my professional time to my clients during the peak application season. Now that the season is winding down somewhat, I will be appearing here again to answer your questions and share Clear Admit’s insights on business school admissions. Please note two updates:

1) Clear Admit will be meeting with admissions officers from top-20 MBA programs (including all M7 programs) in US and Europe from July 3-6 to exchange insights from this past application season and share outlooks for the next application season.

2) Clear Admit co-founder Graham Richmond and I have been invited to host a discussion thread on the Wall Street Oasis (WSO, http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/) forums for prospective business school applicants. WSO is an online community of young finance professionals who are at critical junctures in their careers. The site, which has received more than eight million visitors since 2009, aims to be both useful and entertaining in its provision of discussion platforms and resources for financiers who are researching business school options, applying for new jobs and learning about different niches within the financial services industry.

So, look for Graham and me on the WSO’s “Ask Clear Admit” discussion thread!

Finally, even though not all the application results are complete yet for the 2011-2012 season, please see below a list of the number of Clear Admit clients who have been accepted to various top schools so far this season. The numbers in parenthesis represent acceptances from Taiwan clients.

School Number of clients accepted

Stanford 16(1)
Harvard 32(1)
Wharton 42(3)
MIT 18(2)
Kellogg 27(3)
Chicago 23(1)
Berkeley 12(1)
Columbia 17(2)
INSEAD 19(1)
Tuck 14(1)
LBS 17
Yale 8
NYU 15(2)
Duke 13(1)
Darden 12(2)
UCLA 13(2)
Michigan 17(5)
Cornell 8(2)
McCombs 7(2)
CMU 6(2)
UNC 5(2)
USC 5(3)
NUS 1(1)
CEIBS 2(2)

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


Kevin Chen
Partner/Senior Admissions counselor, Clear Admit LLC (http://www.clearadmit.com)
Master degrees: Stanford Graduate School of Business; Harvard Kennedy School
of Government
Bachelor degree: Princeton University
Previous work experiences: Reuters; McKinsey; NBA
文章: 98
註冊時間: 2008-11-13 10:18

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