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Clear Admit恭喜台灣MBA客戶今年創下輝煌錄取成績!

文章kchen95 » 2013-05-08 10:56

Dear Clear Admit Taiwanese MBA clients,

On behalf of Clear Admit, I want to extend our warmest congratulations to you for delivering one of the best MBA admissions performances that Taiwan has ever seen. With hard work, dedication and courage during this past application season, you earned unprecedented results such as 7 acceptances to Wharton, 3 to Harvard, 7 more to Columbia and many more to other M7 and top schools, destroying the myth that only very few Taiwanese applicants can get into top schools due to admissions quotas.

To one particular Taiwanese client (you know who you are!), I cannot stress enough how proud and honored I am to have worked with you and see you accomplish something that is extremely rare even among the very best applicants in the world – get accepted by all of the “Big Three”: Stanford, Harvard and Wharton, with MIT as a bonus! It is our sincere hope that these results, and many other stellar ones this year, will inspire more Taiwanese applicants to challenge for admissions to top schools in future application seasons, and abandon the false belief that locally raised and educated Taiwanese applicants cannot be admitted to elite MBA programs. To those whose application process is not yet over, we will continue to fight with you to the very end.

We will be back soon with updates on our new plans and services to help Taiwanese applicants achieve even better results in the upcoming application season. For now, let us take a moment to give the loudest round of cheers to the well-deserved acceptances to the following schools by Clear Admit’s Taiwanese applicants!

School No. of acceptances from Taiwan
Stanford 1
Harvard 3
Wharton 7
Columbia 7
Kellogg 4
Chicago 2
London Business School 3
Tuck 1
Haas 1
Yale 2
Ross 7
Cornell 3
Duke 2
McCombs 1
Georgetown 3
Emory 2


Kevin Chen
Senior Admissions Counselor, Clear Admit LLC (
Stanford Graduate School of Business, class of 2005
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, class of 2000
Princeton University, class of 1994
Previous work experiences: McKinsey; NBA; Reuters
文章: 98
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